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Who I Am

Cedric Major Mitchell, a Los Angeles-based glass artist originally from Oklahoma, honed his skills while studying business at Tulsa Community College. He discovered studio glass as an art form while recording music in a Tulsa music studio and subsequently enrolled in a glassblowing course. Quickly transitioning from student to apprentice and instructor at The Tulsa Glassblowing School, he furthered his education under mentor Joe Cariati in Los Angeles.

His artistic expression draws inspiration from a captivating blend of Modern Design, Graffiti Art, Streetwear Fashion, and Memphis Milano, giving rise to a captivating array of works that span from functional masterpieces to decorative art, adorned with vivid palettes and effortlessly refined designs.

The Journey So Far!

Cedric Mitchell founded "Cedric Mitchell Design" in 2018, a creative endeavor dedicated to crafting stunning blown glass for retailers nationwide. In 2022, NIKE approached Cedric as the pioneer glassblower to be showcased in their advertising campaign, where he represented the NIKE Air icon, introducing the Airmax Dawn. This shoe held a profound significance for Mitchell, given his distinctive connection to air as a glassblower. In recognition of his talent and expertise, Cedric Mitchell has been honored with the prestigious title of Artist in Residence at the Corning Museum of Glass.

"Whenever inspiration won’t find you, you have to find it."

- Shawn Carter


Connectivity & Enrichment: Fostering meaningful bonds and uplifting others through positive interactions.

Community: A tightly-knit group of individuals who genuinely care for each other and share a deep sense of belonging. Being part of this community creates a shared identity, emphasizing the strength derived from unity, where the collective whole surpasses the individual components.

Cedric serves as the events coordinator for Crafting The Future, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to creative enrichment by connecting BIPOC artists with opportunities that propel their growth and success. committed to forging pathways for BIPOC artists to enter the field, and our support doesn't stop there.

Dedicated to providing ongoing assistance to these artists throughot their career.This involves facilitating connections with valuable professional opportunities, such as internships, scholarships residencies and commissions, that will help them expand their networks and establish themselves in the community.



“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Paulo Coelho


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